Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Story of Genny and Bridgey and Griffin's Gifts

The Story of Genny and Bridgey's birthday gifts from Grandma and Papa (with another part on Griff's companion gift)

Early in the morning on your birthday, my doorbell rang. I went to see who it was, and there, out on the porch, was a beautiful lady in a flowing pink dress. The really odd thing about her, though, was that she had wings!!! Beautiful feathery wings that come out of her shoulders and hung all the way to her waist.
I was astonished at this site, but I wasn't afraid. She had the sweetest, kindest face, kind of like the good witch in The Wizard of Oz. Without a word, she handed me a lovely pink chest that she held in her hands. She said in a low and beautiful voice, "This is for Genny and Bridget Seibel from Fairyland. Give it to them with all our fairy love." Then she turned - and - just flew away! Up over the house and on into the sun. I waved goodbye.


As I did, another creature winged past me and flew into the house. He was quite different! He was a scaly green with webbed feet and flapping wings. Out of his mouth came a tongue of fire!!! He flew and scrabbled up the stairs and disappeared.

I wasn't afraid of him, because before he flew, he gave me a big wink, and said in a gravelly, scaly voice,  "Tell Griffin to come find me. I'm his special surprise." So ---

Now I wait for my three to come visit, so they can collect their fairy and dragon gifts from the land beyond the stars.

Grandma - and Papa


Chattles said...

Beautiful Murph! They will cherish this story forever!

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