Thursday, June 9, 2011

Studio 60 on the Suset Strip


Kathleen said...

Greetings Mary,

Really loved this post - it sure made my day today! And, c'est incroyable-it's incredible! From what I've seen, it appears that you have been more than busy with all the new updates at MurphsPlace. (I feel like I've missed out on a month's updates and not just one week.) Such admirable dedication deserves many heartfelt thank yous! Your website is a brilliant tribute to RC. He must be so delighted at how much heart and soul you have put into MurphsPlace over the years - along with the wonderful contributions from many devoted friends and fans.

Mary, you are one diligent lady - hope you can find some time to 'smell the flowers', enjoy your family and tend to your 'musings' and other pastimes this summer! :) I'm so relieved that this week is more or less over. It has been a whirlwind - challenging, to say the least. Looks like I need to brace myself for more to come in the next few months. In the meantime, have a lovely summer, stay 'cool' and take care! (By the way, last week I finished Pete Hamill's Tabloid City. I've been reading some rather intense material lately and this novel was exactly what I needed. A light-read, fairly predictable, but, I enjoyed it!)

Kathleen said...

Oh Mary (and RC),

Very unfortunate that this whole 'debacle' occurred; however, real face-to-face conversation (& its context), interpretation of words/text (i.e. is it literal word-for-word or subjective interpretation?) and humour does not appear to translate well in 140 opinion only...I've sure learned a lot about twitter in the past 24 hours...

Take care of yourselves and I agree, Mary, focus on the 'positives'!