Monday, June 13, 2011

Over my bed

One of my favorite paintings - Windflowers by J W Waterhouse. A print of it hangs over my bed

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Kathleen said...

Hello Mary,

It's lovely! It somehow reminds me of a needlepoint tapestry my mother made some years ago titled "The Carver" or sometimes known as the "The Initial Carver". I'm certainly no expert in art and paintings, though, during my uni-days, 1 artist captured my mind and soul-Leonardo da Vinci. Even now, I am intrigued about this man-how he could exist in his time, yet, be 'light-years' ahead in his thinking. I went to 1 of his exhibits a few years ago and went away once again awe-inspired by his scientific and creative mind. Da Vinci created masterpieces, yet, I believe he himself was a true 'genius' in his time. (Just my opinion, of course!)