Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The 3 at Wolf-Den in Poconos

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Kathleen said...

Hello Mary,

What a beautiful photo of your grandchildren! They must have had a wonderful time at the Poconos - what terrific smiles! I've got many similar photos of my daughter - the kind that you take one look at and you can't help, but, smile back! :)

Anyway, I was thinking of taking the plunge and joining the extremely 'liberal' twitter-world! Well, after a quick sightsee, my 1st impression was 'wow' - looks interesting, fun...a great means of communicating, sharing info/photos and so on.

But, after a more in-depth tour of what/who's out there, I'm not so sure that I could 'tweet' in a 'copy and paste' world where twitterers take liberties to quote others and not have the courtesy to include the authors' names. What's up with that? Is that just common and acceptable in twitter-language? Perhaps "140 characters per tweet" is the justification? Well, whatever the reason, I was really taken aback. (Looks like I'll have a lot to learn to master tweeting in the twitter world! Is there a "twitter for Dummies" book available? lol )

Still, who knows, I might be seeing you on the twitter highway one day soon! :)