Friday, March 25, 2011

James Agee on Elizabeth Taylor

The New Yorker:  Why Julia Roberts Can’t Be Elizabeth Taylor -- Posted by David Denby
“Ever since I saw the child, two or three years ago, in I forget what minor role in what movie, I have been choked with the peculiar sort of adoration I might have felt if we were both in the same grade in primary school.” So James Agee wrote about Elizabeth Taylor (most likely referring to her performance in “Jane Eyre”) in The Nation, after seeing her in “National Velvet” in 1944. Agee went on: “She strikes me … if I may resort to conservative statement, as being rapturously beautiful.” But Agee limited his sense of her acting resources to “a mock-pastoral sort of simplicity, and two or three speeds of semi-hysterical emotion, such as ecstasy, an odd sort of pre-erotic sentience, and the anguish of overstated hope, imagination, and faith.”
Clift and Taylor were both at their most beautiful pinnacle in A Place In The Sun:

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