Friday, October 22, 2010

Rupert Graves

One of my favorite actors, Rupert Graves, is mentioned in the NY Times review of the new Sherlock, to be shown on Masterpiece Theater on Sunday.
Mr. Freeman’s deft performance as the grouchy but loyal Watson is one of the show’s pleasures, along with Rupert Graves’s avuncular take on Inspector Lestrade. It should also be mentioned that Mr. Graves, who has been making a specialty of guest appearances on British crime dramas (“Marple,” “Lewis,” “Wallander”), belongs with George Clooney in the pantheon of the well-aging male.
[Hear Hear. I met him briefly in the lobby of the Music Box theater showing the play Closer in NYC. He and Anna Friel were collecting for a theater charity. Handsome then, still handsome now. Check out Wallender - The Man Who Smiled and The Forsyte Saga

We saw the late Natasha Richardson, Ciaran Hinds, Anna Friel and Rupert in the play in 1999. Most memorable scene - the phone sex between Ciaran and Rupert, both sitting on opposite sides of the stage - a brilliant back and forth.

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